Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh you poor neglected thing...

I think I spend too much of my time writing thoughts for other publications, that I always seem to forgot to come back and update you, my wee blog friend.

I'll get on it though.

We'll be best friends. YOU'LL SEE!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars - Four

10:28 - Will Smith, by referencing this:

has officially admitted he's a giant nerd.

10:29 - What did Dark Knight just win for? I was looking up the Boom goes the dynamite kid.

10:33 - That Indian guy was adorable. Will Smith officially proves that he's not acting in his comedy roles - he's 100% the same as he was in Men in Black right here.

10:35 - Milk was a damn fine movie, and I liked it far more than I liked Slumdog, but I'm in love with the Slumdog cast. They're so damn excited

10:39 - "In the Motherhood," - whenever that woman in the commercial screams to NOT WAKE THE BABY - i crack up. No clue why.

10:43 - That Coldplay song is fantastic, until two things happen. 1. Chris starts singing, and 2. you remember it's Coldplay.

10:44 - Jerry Lewis lost a TON of weight! I hope that's not because he's sick, but damn...he looks good to be 70's by now.

10:47 - Fuck it. I'm giving up. Whoever thought to read this - I thank you. I'm going to lay down and watch the next hour or so and slowly drift off.

I'm rooting for Mickey Rourke - I love a good underdog story.

Night all, thanks for reading and hopefully - laughing.


Oscars - Three

9:53 - Jackman is good...and now it's Crazeonce. Bitch is nuts. This is what Hollywood used to be about, all dancing and costumes.

Also, that bitch is totally lip-synching, and Jackman isn't. She's a supposed "artist" and the dude who kills mutants with his metal claws is singing live.

Give me a break.

9:56 - This live blogging shit is HARD. Oh christ, SNIPERS! SNIPERS! EFRON IS ON THE STAGE! TAKE HIS ASS OUT!

9:57 - Is it wrong that I did musicals in college, and yet can't really stand them?

9:57 - The fuck kind of name is Baz?

10:02 - Here we go, the award we're all waiting for. Dead Man Accepting.

10:04 - Who the fuck is Seymore Phillip?

10:05 - Brolin was rally fantastic in Milk, and god damn he's got good facial hair.

10:05 - Aniston is still fucking John Mayer?

And the Black dude is talking about the Black dude. Good touch. What the fuck happened to Cuba? "Brother's need to work," like you you.

Sweet lord Walken - cut the fucking mop dude. You've got an Efron.

Klein has got a porn stache, and Ledger's family is there. *sigh* Don't get me wrong - that Joker was unfuckingreal, but come on.

10:08 - Shocking. Lame and yet shocking.

10:09 - poor family. So sad.

Adrien Brody - looking sad as hell, RDjr tearing up...

10:10 - Anne Hathaway is going to lose it, Angelina HAS lost it.

10:13 - Bill Maher is wearing a rubber suit I think...

10:14 - Best Documentary - I want the dude with the teeth to win, because DAMMMMMMN, but I'll take Hertzog too.

I really want to see Man on Wire. AND IT JUST WON!

Dude. This guy is awesome. First - are rubber suits in? Second - that was a grand acceptance speech.

10:18 - GREAT dress on the Pinki chick. Also, she has the highest and deepest dimple ever.

10:19 - Man, this is freaking exhausting

10:22 - annnnd back again. I'm not going to make it much longer...i did far too much running today to stay awake and typing for much longer...Sorry to the 1 person out there who stumbled upon this thing...

10:23 - oooh stunts.

10:24 - I just looked it up to confirm that this was The Strokes, and find out it's the Hives. No-one's shocked by that right?

10:25 - Oh Will Smith. So charming. Let's go Iron Man for visual effects.

10:27 - That was a totally generated suit in Iron Man? Holy cats.

10:28 - Everyone I know that saw Ben Button thought it was boring as fuck, and yet it's cleaning the fuck up tonight. BRAD'S HAIR. DAMMIT.

Oscar Live Blog part 2

9:07 - Jack Black glares at the man who stole his award.

9:08 - Peter Gabriel is looking so much like his old bandmate Phil Collins.

9:09 - Animated short: I call Waltz with Bashir.

9:10 - There's a cute Octopus movie that I don't know about? Also, I'm retarded, and have no idea that Waltz with Bashir isnt in this category. Screw you Oscars.

ps. Sank you. Sank you verry much. Sank you my pencil, sank you Suntory time. OH MY FUCKING GOD HE JUST DOMO ARIGATO'D MR. ROBOTO! YOU FUCKING RULE DUDE!!!!

9:12 - Commercial. Ok, now for a moment, let's address how different these Oscars are so far. First, Jackman is doing a great job. Witty, charming, singing dancing, adamantium claws, etc. The former best supporting actresses inducting a new one, (Did Whoopie win for Color Purple? Ghost? I don't remember), no clips on that one - just heartfelt discussion about the roles played. That was very classy. The stage is incredibly gorgeous, the bandstand on stage is very 1940's Bob Hope movie, and I love it. Finally - that Screenplay bit? That was awesome. They should do that for a DVD extra on some movie. So interesting to see how they take a line on a page and turn it into acting.

9:15 - We're back. Horseface and James Bond presenting.

9:16 - Art Direction. Time to go take that dump you've been holding off on. On the fun note - Being in Chicago last year and seeing where Batman was filmed? That was great. Damn city is just BIG.

9:18 - No one cares buddy. Make it snappy.

9:19 - Hey! Sarah Jessica! How many years old are you? *WHINNY* *Stomp, Stomp, Stomp*

Costume design? I don't even know who's nominated. I say Benjamin Button

9:21 - Can Keira Knightly act if she's not set in the past? Does she just forget how? Other than Love Actually, which is the best christmas movie in the last 20 years, name something else she's been in that does not involve a bustle.

9:22 - is this dude still talking?

9:23 - Make-up, I think Hellboy should get it, I kinda want Batman too, but I think Button will get it.

9:24 - Really? A movie about an old dude beats a movie about a gigantic fish man? And this dude is having a heart attack on stage. Quick hit to Brad Pitt - God, that damn hair. If I had 20 million per picture, I'd hire a dude just to make my hair that perfect.

9:25 - HEY VAMPIRE BOY. TRY TO LOOK SCARIER BY MAKING YOUR FOREHEAD WRINKLY. What, you couldn't shave? Seriously? Edward sucks. Yes I've read the first two of those books, and screw the vampires. Let's go Werewolves and Jacob.

Ps - the woman in Slumdog is damn stunning. We're in the Romance thing - which is cute, don't get me wrong - but don't they always complain about how long these shows are? You can cut this.

Pps - Can Zac Efron go the fuck away yet?

Ppps - No seriously. Go away.

9:31 - Natalie Portman and Jaquin Phoneix (Ben stiller). She's so pretty, in a normal way. Is Phoenix at home getting pissed right now?

Anyway - Cinematography - I say Slumdog for this one.

9:34 - Ok, Stiller watching the video? That was laugh out loud funny.

This is a really good Oscars.

Here's a question. Can't you combine Director and Cinematographer? I mean...isn't the director the one who's picking how to film something? I know, I know, I'm woefully ignorant in this info - and I'm sure lighting and all sorts of technical stuff come into it, but it just seems like you could lose this guy and do alright. You know? Bad economy - WHOA, the cinematographer guy has a milf wife. Go that guy.

9:37 - DOG COMMERCIAL! DOG! The Boston census thing thinks I have a dog. I've been looking under the bed and couch all damn dog.

9:38 - Jessica Biehl is wearing a toga. Annnnnd this is boring. Sci-tech awards. Time to refill the drinks, and get another round of nachos.

9:40 - RDJr. and Foxx in the "Sweet Lord Let's Get An Oscar" movie.

9:42 - Stoner section - not funny, UNTIL Robert Downey! Sidenote: the commentary track on Tropic Thunder is him in character...oh wait...Franco's kissing men...hold on...HAHAHAHAAH. Subtle gay jokes. beautiful.

9:45 - That Sarah Marhall movie - that dude just waves that junk around all damn day huh?

9:46 - What the fuck is this award? Oh live action short. Whatever one is in french. Go.

9:47 - German one. Close the fuck enough. Franco might actually be high. What a shock, one with Nazis in it wins. Dude's wife is FREAKING OUT. Like Ricky Gervais said, you want some Oscar love, you do a flick with the Third Reich.

9:48 - Best supporting actor coming up. Let me just get this out now. I don't want Heath to win. Like, we get it. He died. It's terrible, but movie's like The Dark Knight don't get nominated for best actor awards, and I feel that this is a pity party now. Add in the fact that Robert Downey Jr. SHOULD have won for Chaplin (rent it. he's fucking unreal), and it makes you just go seriously? Hell, Downey did amazing in that role, but what about the poor guy out there that DIDNT get nominated so that a dead guy could.

The politics in these awards...bleh.

Anyway, Josh Brolin was damn impressive too.

sidenote again: Captain Mal is in a new show about a wisecracking writer. Can you just start designing shows for me personally?

Oscar Live Blog.

8:20pm: Oscar live blog begins. I don't know that I'm qualified to do this, but I've always kind of wanted to. So, this will be a large collection of craziness and comments about dresses, who looks hot, how Robert Downey Jr. got robbed, and how Wolverine does as a host. Let's GET IT ON.

8:28pm: First prediction - For Best Supporting Actress (which I think is first), I call Viola Davis for Doubt.

8:30pm: Alright, time to wow me Weapon X.

8:31pm: Is it weird that it creeps me out when he talks in his normal accent? ROBERT DOWNEY JR! THAT'S MAH BOY!

8:32pm: Ok, he's actually pretty funny. Sweet lord, he's going to sing.

8:35: Laughing at "pubic hair." He's awesome.

8:36: I feel that Anne Hathaway is just attractive enough to not be threatening to women, and thus all women love her. Me? Boooooorrrrring.

8:37: HE'S LAUGHING AT HIMSELF! Ok, when Jimmy Fallon does it? Annoying. When Wolver-fucking-ine does it, it's charming.

8:39: He calls himself Wolverine, and he can sing. This man is my fucking idol.

8:41: Is it wrong that Brad Pitt's hair looks more put together than most of the men nominated? Also, Streep's daughter - smoking hot.

8:41: THE CURTAINS DON'T OPEN! Did anyone else feel a little gut punch? I did!

8:43: I think Whoopie killed and ate that dress on the way over. Sweet fucking lord. Viola Davis is all choked up!

8:45: I think Whoopie has Foghorn Leghorn tattooed on her boob. Also, she's still damn funny. I feel slightly bad I made fun of her horrendous ugly terrible dress now.

8:47: Annnnnnnd I'm wrong. Son of a. Awwww, she's all nervous! I can't stand her voice. Oh DON'T SHARE IT WITH YOUR NOMINEES! WHAT A STUPID THING TO SAY! Oh thanks Penny! I didn't win, but I get part of yours! Can I have the head? YAY!

Eh, congrats. WHOA, some dude's screaming.

Mom's tearing up.


8:50: Animated feature coming up. I've only seen Kung Fu Panda, and it was fantastic. Wall-E is on the list though. I think Wall-E will probably take it, Disney/Pixar has the cash to do the most vocal angling for their film, and it's a far touchier subject. 0/1 so far...Oh SON OF A BITCH...I just bit my own tongue eating Ben & Jerry's. Ow Ow Ow.

8:53 - Fey and Martin...good pair. This is right up my alley. Best Screenplay, I say Original - Milk, Adapted - Slumdog.

8:55: The way they're doing these Oscars is far cooler than usual. I love this screenplay bit. Man. Milk was fantastic.

8:57: Yeah Milk! 1/2! Aww, he's sad! You get married boy!

8:59: Martin and Fey are pretty damn funny. Why does SNL suck so much with these people out there? Also, Slumdog wins! 2/3 bitches! IN YOUR FACE.

9:03: Annnnd Jack Black reads my mind. Also, it's amazing that you can't see the daggers shooting from Angelina Jolie's eyes into Jennifer Aniston's face.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yoga, Karate, and a 10 year old defines romance.

Well it's a Sunday - so for me, that usually involves plenty of snoozing, but today I managed to get a wee bit of writing done this morning as I could not sleep in. I've got plenty more to do, unfortunately, but I'm trying to utilize my free time a bit more wisely, so we'll see what I can get done.

Anyway, why could I not sleep in you might ask? Oh that's simple, dear reader. It's because of Yoga.

For those of you out there that are not aware of the dimensions of my human form, I'm sorta tall, and pretty skinny, so I've always been interested in Yoga, in the way that really short guys are interested in trying to kick dudes asses in bars. Tall skinny guy syndrome I guess.


I've gone before, and tried it out, but sweet baby hayzeus, it was intense yesterday.

First, it was Bikram - so I was in a room of 110 degree wet heat, with 34 other people (including some of the most flexible women I've ever seen in my entire damn life. I mean, seriously. These bitches could do things that i've only seen in cartoons.), and while i'm pretty flexible for a dude, the 87 year old guy next to me was showing my ass up the whole time.

So I did what every young dumb chip on his shoulder guy does in a given situation like this, and I pushed myself even harder.

Whoooooo boy. Dizzzzzzzzzzzy.

So I swallowed my pride, and sat my ass down. Heart pounding, head spinning, but in a good way.

I made it though the whole class, but next time I go, i'm going to make sure that I have something to eat in the morning before class. 18 hours without eating and then 90 minutes of hot hot hot makes this boy a dizzy sumbitch.

Anyway, how this all relates to Sunday?

Well, coming out of class, I was pushing on a pretty decent buzz of energy - and that lasted all day. Yoga might be a fun thing for me to mix in with my running and climbing diversions, but I tell you this. It gave me TONS of energy - up to and including Sunday morning, and then pulled the rug out from under me. I went from being out and about, writing, to utter crash and burn, and retreat home to rest up for this afternoon.

So now, i'm rocking the couch - about to head back out to another Bikram class with my friend who randomly took it yesterday too (bizarre...), to see how I survive this one.

I've eaten, but a few hours ago.

I'm hydrated.

and I'm mildly sore.


Should be interesting.

on a totally awesome sidenote - Karate Kid II is on right now. I went to see this flick in my young impressionable days with my parents, and I still remember that Power of Love (or whatever) by Peter Cetera was the most incredibly romantic thing my 10 year old ears had ever heard.

Somewhere, in the back of my mind, i think i thought I had to kick some dude's ass in a ancient okinawan castle in order to win the girl. That made for some awkward moments in college...

alright, wish my ass luck.

here's some Peter Cetera goodness for you. This is some cheesy shit looking back:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yeah yeah yeah...

I know, I'm a big freaking liar.

I promised I'd update a wicked long time ago, throw some words up, entertain the zero of you that come here, blah blah blah.


I'm here now, so can we just get on with it?

Well you can be mad, but I'm just going to keep typing.

Bygones -

Can I tell you people to check out Braid?

Seriously. I know I bought an Xbox 360 pretty much only to get Rock Band, and then Portal, but this game is blowing my damn mind.

it's DEEP peoples. Makes my little English Major soul proud of how far the lowly video game has come. An amazing story, and get this, it's not this upbeat super mario clone. It's pretty melancholy. It's a video game that makes you THINK.

Portal makes you think, and there are lots of other puzzle games that could seem to fit that mold, but trust me when I tell you that this game is set apart.

Here's a quick video to give you an idea:    Braid Video

I love the background music. Irishy, like me.

Anyway, enough dorky dorkism.

That's my quick update. I'm rocking to Joe Biden's DNC speech right now. He's a firebrand this guy.

Let's go Obama!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blowing up.

The floodgates on NFT have opened, and my prolific words are gushing out onto an unsuspecting public.

Welcome. I swear I'll update soon. I've been rather busy as of late.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


For some reason, these are posting at odd times and dates...

the hell?


Bear with me today...this might be a bit of a ramble.

I was thinking about this last night as I fell asleep, and thought I'd put it down before it evaporated. The more I get used to pouring things out on electrons here, the more I have to, because my head just pushes it out on it's own now.

Stupid head.

Regardless, rhythm.

If you know me, and none of you do, you might notice that I drum incessantly on every available surface. Car wheel, legs, desk, people, etc. If I'm not drumming I'm tapping my fingers, or feet, or something.

True, a great deal of that probably has something to do with the massive amounts of caffeine I consume on a daily basis, but, and this is why this came up in mah brain, I think I hear things differently.

Take this example. For a few years now, there's a fan running while I sleep. That goes back all the way to college, when sleeping in my 2ND floor, greatest room ever created, apartment, I'd swelter in the summer months, so a box fan was a permanent addition to the window frame.

Now, I sleep with a white noise machine. Until that noise machine was turned on, I didn't realize the difference in sleep, because without fan/noise machine, I sleep like a rock.

With Fan, I slept fine.

With Machine? I think I die for about 6 hours. Insomnia, good bye!

So I finally figured out the difference.

It's the rhythm of the fan that keeps me awake longer. I hear it, and in my head I'm counting beats, and filling in rolls.

When I was a kid, I decided to go with sax for my instrument of choice, because it seemed the coolest to a kid who thought Springsteen and through him The Big Man, was a god. I still stuck around and fooled around with the drums a bit though, every chance I got. Knowing how loud I am on a normal basis, I knew my parents weren't going to fund me on the drums at all, so it just became a sometimes thing...until College.

College I found out the girl across the hall, who was SO god-damned cute, and totally broke my heart, had a bongo drum...and a Guster CD.

Here was a guy, with no formal training, slapping away at a bongo until his hands bled, and I suddenly was drumming allllllll the time and I realized what I'd always been listening to.

Now, if you happen to be driving in the Boston area, and you glance over, and see someone pounding furiously at their steering wheel, It just might be me.

In order to channel this addiction of mine?

Oh hell yes Rock Band.


Monday, May 05, 2008

Empire Building

And not the one Spider-Man sticks to.

Fareed Zakaria: The Future of American Power

Long as hell, but a great read for history obsessives like myself, who also worry about the future of this tired little nation of ours.

Worth a read if you have a half-hour or so to dedicate to it.

But you don't have to take my word for it. (see below)

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

People Watching.

Yes, people watching. You see a Latin quote and you think I'm going to have this in-depth profound post? Not so much. Sorry to disappoint. Next time I'll do a lecture on why Iago is the true protagonist of Othello, and how his lack of anything approaching morals makes him one of the most dynamic characters in the Bard's folio.

Bygones, on to the meat of the matter.

When I say people watching I'm not talking creepy surveillance methods, like a stakeout, or what-not, but the act of going to a very public place like a park, and just observing the people around you doing people-like things.

I remember one particular instance of such activity, in college, that was one of those days you remember for a long long time. Perfect weather, just warm enough to be outside and laying on the lawn, and throngs of people walking by, stopping to talk, and interacting all in plain view. My girlfriend at the time and I skipped our morning class to get breakfast in town, and came back to the lawn next to the campus center of school (20,000+ undergrads = lots of people to watch), and we proceeded to sit there for the full day. We talked, ate, and had friends stop and join us for different lengths of time throughout, and we all had an ongoing discussion about the people strolling by.

A great deal of it was just silent appraisal of how people walk, fashion trends, backpacks, etc. Another chunk dealt with making fun of acquaintances and friends as they passed us, unaware that we were there. The majority was just straight observation, noticing faces, expressions, and the distinct differences between people.

Faces are one of the most fascinating things on earth. You know your own well enough, yet your mental image of what you look like is slightly skewed, which is made apparent anytime you pass a mirror and that first second is slightly odd. Seeing people walk by you without them knowing that you're there, (in public remember, I'm not talking creepy shit.), a lot of time they have their guard down, and you can see them for who they really are.

The reason I'm mentioning all this is because I've had a full people watching weekend. I went to two Sox games, on Saturday and on Sunday, and passing through the crowds on the T and at Kenmore gives one plenty of ammo.

A few key moments stand out.

The homeless man who always says:


silently sitting on the subway reading the Weekly Dig Crossword puzzle.

Another homeless man with a sign that stated, "All I need is money for a case of beer and a hooker."

The tiny Asian woman who was stuck in front of me for the rush for the Kenmore train who thanked me in broken English for not running her over.

The woman on the redline who used a fabric marker to draw an intricate symbol from her wrist to the inside of her elbow for nearly 10 minutes as we were stuck between stations.

The little beanhead (translation, tiny kid.) who played peek-a-boo with a very patient dog.

And the kid who might have been 13, who was covered with Guns N Roses stuff. THAT was awesome.

and so many more.

We're one of the only species on the earth that can watch each other for not other reason than to just take a look, to empathise, to try to feel what it's like to be someone else, if just for a moment.

It's well worth the time.